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Skyquad Drone Reviews- Dicounted Price, Fake or Real Product

About SkyQuad Drone

Quadcopter drones are helpful during a hike or wilderness expedition. Recently, the launch of the SkyQuad Drone has caused a stir in the market, as consumers consider it the coolest and most unique drone currently available. According to its official website, SkyQuad Drone is an accurately engineered drone that is ideal for flying. It’s a perfect drone for flying inside or recording action shots on the go.

How does SkyQuad Drone work? What are its specifications? Here’s an honest review of the device.

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What is SkyQuad Drone?

Originally developed to support US military operations, the SkyQuad Drone has quickly become a star on the drone market. The initial design had many features to support military operations. As a military-grade drone, it had GPS navigation, which enabled it to return its pilot on weaker signals.

Besides, the drone couldn’t be traced and could be used to carry weapons and ammunition to attack enemies. The drone was also equipped with autopilot and gimbal cameras. At the end of December 2021, the patent for the original device expired, and several companies started making SkyQuad drones.

Some companies tried to mimic the original design but ended up with fake designs with similar features to military-grade models. This created many scams on the market and consequent low demand for the original model. Users should know that the original military-grade drone doesn’t exist on the market because it’s illegal under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

However, consumers looking for a genuine SkyQuad Drone model can get it from the official website at This drone comes with a satisfaction warranty and can help with outdoor activities. Besides, the manufacturer offers heavily discounted prices on the official website.

SkyQuad Drone is safe and can operate both indoors and outdoors. It’s kids-friendly and can operate without getting trapped in small places. However, users must read the safety measures and ensure parent supervision whenever a child uses the device.

SkyQuad Drone Features

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SkyQuad Drone exhibits the following features:

  • It’s foldable: Its propellers fold inwards, making it easier to carry around and protected during transit.

  • It has a gravity sensor: These sensors detect the ground and other obstacles on the drone’s path. This allows it to change the flying course automatically to avoid a collision.

  • HD photos and video: The drone can record HD videos at 60 frames per second. It can also take high-resolution photos.

  • Slow-motion mode: Users can replay the highlights of their great moments in HD

slow-motion mode.

What Makes SkyQuad Drone Unique?

Unlike other drones on the market, SkyQuad Drone offers best-in-class features to improve users’ drone experience. The drone is ideal for any adventure with foldable wings and a lightweight design. It’s the fastest drone of its size and can fly 30 miles per hour.

Additionally, SkyQuad is easy to control. It has all the features necessary for professional drone flyers, and it’s also simple to control, even for beginners. Importantly, it allows users to take professional shots.

The drone has a built-in pre-programmed camera similar to the boomerang and the asteroid. These features give its users professional-quality footage and make the SkyQuad Drone simple to operate.

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How to Use SkyQuad Drone

As mentioned earlier, SkyQuad Drone is easy to operate using the following steps:

  • Scan the QR code from the instruction manual to install the mobile app

  • Switch on the SkyQuad Drone

  • Link the drone to your smartphone using Wi-Fi

  • Switch on the SkyQuad Drone remote control

  • Use the navigations on the remote control to fly the drone

  • Press the One Key Return button to allow the drone to come back to the point of launch

The SkyQuad Drone is an excellent purchase with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Customers unsatisfied with the drone or its performance can contact the customer care department and ask for a full refund. This makes it a risk-free investment.

The drone is foldable and operates at all skill levels. It has One Key Return, and it’s Wi-Fi-enabled and highly durable. It has a longer-lasting battery that allows it to operate for up to 70 minutes. Most importantly, the SkyQuad Drone is a product of an American-owned company.

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Skyquad Drone Reviews- Dicounted Price, Fake or Real Product

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